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International Symposium on Fig (September 29 - October 3, 2009) Meknes, Morocco

First Announcement : IV International Symposium on Fig
September 29 - October 3, 2009, Meknes (Morocco)
http://www.ficus2009.ma/The IV International Symposium on Fig will be held at the National School of Agriculture of Meknès, Meknès (Morocco) from September 29 to October 3, 2009 under the auspices of the Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) and the Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM).

All aspects related to Fig cultivation and growing (genetic resources, germlasm characterization, biotechnology and molecular markers utilisation, cultural practices, pest management, post-harvest, economics; etc.) will be covered taking into account the most recent scientific and technical findings.
The program will include thought-provoking lectures by invited speakers in each of the sessions covered, as well as a diverse selection of oral and poster presentations. During the symposium, you will have the opportunity to visit germplasm fig collections, fig nurseries, fig drying units and fig orchards through technical tours across the main fig production areas.
Information related to the symposium will be periodically upgraded on the symposium website. Therefore, interested participants are warmly invited to frequently visit this website (http://www.ficus2009.ma/) in order to be informed about any program and deadlines change. Selected social events will be scheduled for participants and accompanying persons. A two days post-symposium tour will be arranged for interested participants.
English will be the official language of the symposium.
Info: Prof. Dr. Messaoudi Zerhoune, Dept. Arboriculture-Viticulture, Ecole Nationale d’Agriculture de Meknes, B.P. S/40, 50000 Meknes, Morocco. Phone: (212)61353653, Fax: (212)35300238E-mail: mailto:messaoudiz@yahoo.fr?subject=FreshPlaza%20ArticleE-mail symposium: mailto:ficus2009@yahoo.fr?subject=FreshPlaza%20ArticleWeb: http://www.ficus2009.ma/
Publication date: 1/22/2009

Scientific Committee :

Louise Ferguson (Production), USA
Ed Stover (Genetic Resources), USA
Themis Michaillides (Plant pathology), USA
Carlos Cristoso (Post-harvest), USA
Jose Leitao (Genetics/Biotechnology), Portugal
Messaoud Mars (Genetic resources), Tunisia
Khadari Bouchaib (Genetics), France
Zafer Can (Physiology), Turkey
Uygun Aksoy (Quality and safety), Turkey
Antonio Piga (Post-harvest), Italy
Farouk Hassan Abdel-Aziz (Pomology), Egypt
Patrick Van Dame (Ethnobotany), Belgium
Mohamed Boulif (Plant Pathology), Morocco
Zerhoune Messaoudi (Eco-physiology and production), Morocco
Ali Abidar (Marketing), Morocco
Abdelouafi Ibrahimy (Economics), Morocco
National Scientific Committee:
Zerhoune Messaoudi, Département Arboriculture-Viticulture – ENA Meknès, MoroccoAli Abidar, Département Ingénierie de Développement – ENA Meknès, MoroccoAbdellah Kajji, CRRASMA, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique – Meknès, Morocco
National Organizing Committee:
Zerhoune Messaoudi, Département Arboriculture-Viticulture, ENA Meknès, Meknès, MoroccoAli Abidar, Département Ingénierie de Dévelopement – ENA Meknès, Morocco
Mohammed Berrichi, DPV, Ministère de l’Agriculture et des Pêches Maritimes, Rabat, Morocco Ahmed Oukabli, CRRASMA, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique – Meknès, Morocco
Organizing Secretariat:
Secretariat of the 4th International Symposium on Fig
Département Arboriculture-Viticulture
B.P. S-40
50000 Meknès
Morocco Ph. ++212 (0) 5 35 30 02 39/40/41
GSM. ++212 (0) 6 61 35 36 53Fax ++212 (0) 5 35 30 02 38E-mail: ficus2009@yahoo.fr
Scientific Secretariat:
Zerhoune MessaoudiDépartement Arboriculture-Viticulture – Ecole Nationale d’Agriculture de MeknèsB.P. S-40
50000 Meknès
Ph. ++212 (0) 5 35 30 02 39/40/41
GSM. ++212 (0) 6 61 35 36 53
Fax. ++39 (0) 5 35 30 02 38
E-mail: messaoudiz@yahoo.fr

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